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Christmas Campaign 2014

Discover the wonder

Christmas in The City & South Bank is a special time of year – a time when anything is possible and where magic happens! Normal laws of physics and gravity don’t apply! Come discover this magical land and watch the magic unfold. We utilised the attractions and festivities to turn Brisbane’s CBD and South Bank into a magical ‘wonderland’. Christmas-themed and stylistically illustrated, this campaign inspired fantasy and fun in the young and the young at heart.

A little boy escapes his bed, the night before Christmas and floats across the sky as he discovers the magic of Brisbane City & South Bank. Wonderstruck he looks out on the beautiful night sky which is illuminated by the thousands of Christmas city lights from all the attractions. He is accompanied by the Sugar Plum Fairy for a subtle integration with The Nutcracker – one of the key events of The City’s Christmas Program.

We developed a multi-channel campaign including a combination of press, outdoor, digital & social media.