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Cerebral Palsy League
FebruDAREy Fundraising Campaign

Every year Laundry selects a not for profit organisation to which it provides its services ‘at cost’ as a way of giving back to the community. Cerebral Palsy League approached Laundry with a vision – to create a big idea that would not only help raise much needed funds for people with cerebral palsy disabilities but more importantly inspire people to get involved…an infectious idea that could start locally and spread globally. People living with CP describe it as being inside a body they can’t control…What impacted us was how people living with CP face their challenges with boldness and a zest for life. Let’s get our target audience to experience what it’s like for people living with CP, but do it in a seriously silly and fun way. Let’s get them to take on challenges, to show they care, but be daring in the way they do it.

Februdarey is simply – dares for donations. Set challenges for yourself, and your friends can dare you to complete the challenges for a donation. Complete dares at home, the office or uni. The higher the stakes, the more mischievous you can get. It’s completely scalable to the individual – what could be considered outlandish behaviour for some, may be just another day for others, so push your limits. It’s all about showing the world that you dare to be bold when faced with a challenge. The ballsier you are, the more money you can raise.

Meet the League of LegenDAREys – a ballsy bunch of local heroes here to inspire you with their daring adventures. We created and cast four incredible characters – Tony Thunder, Seymour Stunts, Mimi Mayhem and Joe Low Blow – and documented their dares in two TVCs.

When Josh Lawson volunteered as brand ambassador we were thrilled. His daily tweets and TV appearances in support of the cause helped in spreading the word.

We developed everything from the campaign badge, photography (shot by the legendary Jesse Smith with hair & makeup by Mischa), casting & costuming, art direction, print, press, outdoor, digital and social media.


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