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Paint Place
Design Bar Branding

When Paint Place told us of their new plans to launch a series of ‘Design Bars’ nationally we were more than just a little excited. This new concept brings together inspiration, advice and even gives you the chance to mix your very own colour – creating a recipe that is completely unique.

In this execution the five Paint Place colours are poured together creating a vignette of colour as they mix in an exciting cocktail of colour – the secret ingredients that go into each custom colour. This identity shows the energy and vibrancy of the Design Bar ‘Mixologists’ and alludes to the similar qualities of paint and colour mixing with bar culture and drink mixing.

The Paint Place Design Bar is the perfect place to create your own secret colour recipe – you’re Designer Shot! Get inspired, create moodboards, let us help you with practical DIY advice and more importantly mix your very own colour – a designer’s dream!

The branding was rolled out nationally and included interior and exterior signage, packaging, print, in store promotion, outdoor advertising and was documented in a brand book.